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My Journey

My love for yoga wasn't immediate. I had practiced casually for a few years, taking classes here and there, but never really following any particular teacher. In 2012 I met the first teacher who would ignite the fire within me. We'll call her "L".


To me, L epitomized the spiritual side of yoga. She was kind, compassionate, and sublime. She used the Sanskrit terminology for poses, and lovingly touched and adjusted all her students. I took her classes as often as I could, especially throughout my pregnancy with my son. 

When my son was born in 2013, I decided not to return to my career in advertising, where I had worked for almost 10 years. Something told me it was time to take pause and see what the Universe had to offer. Shortly thereafter, we moved a good distance away. I was no longer able to attend any of L's classes, but she continued to inspire and guide me when I needed it. I was happy.


I stopped practicing for almost 6 months after we moved. Being home full-time with two small children didn't allow for much "me" time and I began to feel very lonely in my new environment. I've had my struggles with The Sadness and didn't want to fall back onto that path, so I joined the local gym and began taking yoga classes taught by "J".  J was the opposite of L...she played popular music, she had a boisterous personality, she interjected funny, personal stories throughout her class, and she spent the entire time on her mat doing the sequences with her students. She made yoga tangible, accessible and real. She reignited my passion and I was soon taking her classes 2-3 times a week.


I started to feel like Me again...but something still felt off. It was as though I was on the edge of finishing a puzzle, but missing that last piece. I reached out to L and she recommended I read "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck. And that's when it clicked...the Universe had been giving me my North Star all along, I just hadn't been listening. Through yoga, L and J had given me the strength to be my true self and I wanted to do the same for others. I began researching teacher training programs and, as luck would have it, discovered that both L and J were certified through the same company: YogaFit. 


With the encouragement and support of my friends and family, I jumped into the journey of becoming a certified teacher through YogaFit and have loved every second of it.




What Else?

I'm a hardcore karaoke lover.


I'm embarrassingly obsessed with alpacas.


Labyrinth and The Princess Bride are *hands down* the best movies ever.


My daughter, Charlie, and my sons, Henry and Toby, are basically the coolest kids to walk this planet.


My husband, Kyle, couldn't be more generous and kind if he tried.



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