May 17, 2016


I absolutely love listening to music with lyrics when I practice - lyrics give me something to focus on rather than listening to my own brain chatter. I'm especially into's so fun to recognize an old favorite reimagined. And we can find a parallel between...

May 11, 2016


I was on a trail run the other day, chugging along, listening to the Hip Hop BBQ Pandora station (if you don't know, now you know), when a slender blonde sped past me, easily running double my pace. She punted me right out of my Biggie trance - I felt frustrated and c...

May 3, 2016


This past Fall, my husband and I were out for dinner and drinks with some friends, sitting at a table next to a beautiful tree that extended overhead. We were indoors, so the presence of the tree was unexpected and welcoming. In the middle of our conversation, a brigh...

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