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Providing yoga in the workplace is an investment in your organization. You are demonstrating a concern for your employees, which translates to an increase in morale, stronger workplace relationships, and an increase in productivity. All classes are offered in your offices.

Corporate Classes



In 30-minutes we will bring awareness to our breath, awaken stiff bodies through gentle movement, and reset the stressed mind with meditative savasana (aromatherapy optional).

Full Focus

This class brings the body and mind into full focus in 60-minutes. We will create space between thoughts with breath work, warm the body with flowing movements, building strength with pose retention, and a moment of rest in savasana (aromatherapy optional).

Nearly Nirvana

Deepen relaxation, increase clarity, and strengthen inter-colleague relationships in this 90-minute class. This class follows the same structure as Full Focus, incorporating more breath work and lengthening savasana to bring complete balance and relaxation to the mind and body.

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