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Pregnancy is a beautiful yet challenging time for our bodies. It's important that we remember to nurture our bodies and minds during this precious time spent growing these beings beneath our hearts. Self-care becomes even more important once that beautiful soul is outside of our body.

PreNatal Classes

Prenatal yoga classes can help alleviate many of the common complaints during pregnancy (sciatica, low back pain, etc) while also preparing the body for delivery and postpartum recuperation.

Mama Bear

Take your mind off the 'stuff' and place it where it matters: on you. Learn pregnancy-safe poses in this single 60-minute class.

Mama Bear Package

Embrace the changes in your body. Go with the flow. Enjoy five 60-minute classes tailored specifically to your needs.

PostNatal Classes

Postnatal yoga uses movement, balance and relaxation to allow the body to recover from pregnancy and birth. Remember, we can't fill the cups of others if ours is empty.

Get Down With the Let Down

In this single 60-minute class, we'll learn movements and poses to encourage healing, promote well-being, and - most importantly - establish a connection with our new bodies and babies. Bring your little one - they love to watch!

Get Down With the Let Down Package

Carve out time for the more important person in your family's life: you. Five 60-minute sessions just for you.

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