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Whether you're new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice, or simply want some solo time on the mat, private classes can bring your self-care to the next level.

Just For Beginners

New to yoga? Ease your nerves and empower yourself with private instruction tailored specifically for you.

Intro to Yoga

What should I bring to class? How do I "downward face my dog"? Learn the basics in this 60-minute informative session.

Training Wheels

Mini Meditation Package

Joyful Journey Package

Flow from point A to point B and test out your newfound skills in this single 60-minute class.

Keep it simple and keep it peaceful. Enjoy five 30-minute classes designed to zen you out.

Bring it in and stretch it out. Five 60-minute sessions.

Just For You

Just yoga. Just breathe. All classes are good for up to 5 people.

Happy Hour

Instead of finishing the day with a smile, START with one!

One 60-minute class offered M-F 9a-1p or Sa/Su 9a-3p.

Happy Hour Package

Sundown Salutation

Sundown Salutation Package

Make a commitment to your well-being.

Five 60-minute classes offered M-F 9a-1p or Sa/Su 9a-3p.

If evenings are your jam, I'm down, dog!

One private 60-minute class offered 5p-9p.

Night-time is the right time to get your twist on.

Five 60-minute classes offered 5p-9p.

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