Stretching Into Roomier Pants

Ah, summer: the time for sangria, suntans, and sundresses. And realizing the shorts that fit you last summer are now a teensy bit too tight. I don't know who invented bottoms with buttons and zippers, but if I had to wager a guess, I'd say it was Satan.

This past weekend I experienced the terror of realizing my flowy dresses weren't appropriate for chasing around a bunch of kids at my daughters 6th birthday party. After a few minutes of crying, tossing out expletives, and threatening to lock myself in the bathroom, I succumbed to the last resort of squeezing into some ill-fitting shorts. Now, all of us ladies have a few tricks for getting into our pants (don't tell the men - HIYO!)...and after wiggling into mine, I realized I was actually flowing through a vinyasa sequence. If it's good enough to open my hips, why wouldn't it give me a little more wiggle room in my pants?!

So here it is: 5 yoga poses to make your pants a bit stretchier!

(yoga pants have been worn in the below photos to maintain your innocence)

Child's Pose

This is absolutely the first pose I sink into when putting on a pair of tight bottoms. Some of it has to do with burying my face in the ground to avoid the mirror, but I have found that it helps loosen the top band of my pants (right where that evil button is). Try opening your knees wide and really allowing the top half of your body to sink down as far as it can go.

Downward Facing Dog

Just as we try to do when in this pose in class, I lift my hips high and tilt my pelvis back, so that more of my booty is pushing into my pants. This one also works really well with a pair of jeans if you can hook the bottom of the leg around your outstretched heel.

Low Lunge

Stretching our legs front to back helps open the "crotchal" area (scientific term) to avoid the dreaded camel toe. Plus it gives the mommy pooch a little more wiggle room. For a deeper stretch, extend the back leg as far as you can and really sink down into the hips. As always, make sure that front knee doesn't exceed the ankle!


This lovely lady can help open the sides (hips) of your pants. Keep your heels on the floor and use your elbows to push your knees open to deepen the stretch.

Bound Angle

Same concept as Garland. Allow the knees to fall open to stretch the inside of your pants, and lean forward to open the back of your pants a bit more.

When we find our clothes to be a bit tighter than we are comfortable with, it's important to remain positive. Instead of criticizing and shaming, we simply need to take a look at where we are, evaluate what we want to change, and plan how to move forward. Whether it's a change in diet or exercise, or maybe a shift in how we view ourselves, remember that focusing on the past or the negative will do nothing but hold us back from change.


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