"May God Have Mercy on Our Data Plan"

Parenting is hard, y'all. Not only are we expected to keep these little creatures alive, healthy, and happy, but we also have to make sure they grow up to be responsible, respectful, contributing members of society. Parents throughout the ages have had their own specific set of challenges, but the addition of screens and social media has made adulting in the 21st century particularly rough. From limiting TV time so our cherubs don't turn into little zombie monsters, to (somehow) ensuring our children are neither the victim nor aggressor in the newest epidemic of cyber bulling, technology has introduced a myriad of challenges for both parents and kids alike.

When it comes to the topic of cell phones, my brain literally melts out of my head. At what age should a child have a cell phone? What if they send or receive nudie pics?? What if they access something on the interwebs that their naive little eyes shouldn't see yet?! Luckily, my children are too young for this to be an issue right now, but it's most certainly a topic I'm keeping an eye on as I watch friends with older children dip their toes into these murky waters.

Cue my friend Karen. Not only is she hilar when it comes to her parenting style, but she's 100% honest, open, and upfront with her 4 kids. She's a "no bullshit" kind of lady. I live vicariously through her, as her children are a little older than mine - silently stalking her parenting tactics so I can copy and paste the same for my kids (just kidding. sort of).

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