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The Mommy Files - Tale #406: Rescuing Timmy From the Well

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It's a familiar story: you've uncovered your toddler's hidden treasure chest of booty, it's splendors nestled within the comfort of an air vent. Most times it is a shallow floor duct, making those handfuls of cheerios, Matchbox cars, and stickers significantly easier to retrieve. But, if you're toddler is anything like ours, you've more than likely discovered said items tossed down a deep, dark hole of death.

Today we discovered our beloved had tossed a juice box down the deepest air vent in the entire house – a wall vent with a 10' drop in my daughter's bedroom. I of course envisioned mold growing on the juice box, the spores wafting up through the vent, slowly killing my family every time the air kicked on. Fear of death is always a good motivator, so of course we had to do something. And so begins the tale of how we rescued Timmy the Juice Box from the Well. Even Lassie played a part.

The most important part of a project like this, is to first plug your children into the television. Unoccupied children are naughty children, and that's exactly what got us into this mess in the first place. Be sure to put on something completely void of education to ensure their attention is held for the duration of your project.

Once that mission was accomplished, we were ready to move on.

Part 1: Going the Distance

We began by gathering our tools: